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What is Double Shaft Shredder

What is Double Shaft Shredder

04 Mar 2024

A double shaft shredder, as the name suggests, features two rotating shafts equipped with sharp blades or hooks. These shafts work in tandem to tear, cut, or crush materials into smaller, manageable pieces. The design and configuration of these shredders make them highly versatile and effective in handling a wide range of materials, including metals, plastics, wood, paper, and more.

The primary function of a double shaft shredder is to reduce the size of bulk materials, making them suitable for further processing or recycling. By shredding materials into smaller pieces, these machines facilitate easier sorting, transportation, and processing downstream. Additionally, the shredded material can often be repurposed or recycled into new products, contributing to sustainable practices and resource conservation.

What can Double Shaft Shredder process

  • Alternative fuel/RDF(refuse derived fuel): municipal solid waste, industrial waste, wood, paper, tires, plastics, carpets, textiles, etc.
  • Product/Security Destruction: paper/documents, hard drives, out-of-spec or obsolete merchandise, pharmaceuticals, electronics, plastic parts, etc.
  • Waste treatment/alternative disposal: medical waste, radioactive materials, organics, paper fibers, municipal solid waste, industrial waste, etc.
  • Harsh applications: batteries, hazardous waste, etc.
  • Contaminated materials: Materials with multiple contaminants.
  • Metallic materials: aluminum, ferrous metals, non-ferrous metals, metal turnings, steel drums.
  • Tires: Tires for passenger cars, trucks and off-road vehicles, etc.
  • Plastics: Cleaning, rolls and sheets, films, substandard products, etc.