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Industrial sludge wastewater treatment and resource utilization new technology equipment exchange meeting

Industrial sludge wastewater treatment and resource utilization new technology equipment exchange meeting

18 Sep 2023

Wanrong technology appeared at the 4th exchange conference of "new technologies and new equipment for industrial sludge and industrial wastewater treatment and recycling" with sludge pyrolysis resource utilization equipment and system services

From December 24 to 26, the fourth exchange conference of "new technologies and new equipment for industrial sludge and industrial wastewater treatment and disposal and resource utilization" hosted by the hazardous waste industry network and the national sludge treatment and disposal promotion association was held in Qingdao. 


Wanrong technology was invited to participate and appeared with technical equipment and system services for sludge pyrolysis and resource utilization, Zuo Zhiyue, vice president of the research and Design Institute and director of the System Technology Department of the company, made a keynote speech on the solution of sludge resource utilization system.

Industrial sludge is produced in a wide range of fields, including petrochemical industry, pharmaceutical industry, mechanical processing, mining, printing and dyeing, leather, papermaking, iron and steel, non-ferrous metal smelting, electroplating... Industrial sludge produced in different industries has different components. 


If it is stacked and directly buried everywhere without treatment or resource utilization, it is bound to cause secondary pollution to groundwater and ecological environment, and direct incineration will also cause waste of resources to some extent.
According to Zuo Zhiyue, vice president of Wanrong science and technology research and Design Institute and Minister of system technology department, incineration and landfill are not the best way to dispose of sludge. The best process is safe, environmental protection and low cost. 


At the same time, it can turn sludge into valuable secondary resources and realize its resource utilization. Wanrong technology puts forward three system solutions for sludge resource utilization: "waste heat / low-temperature drying + pyrolysis carbonization", "mechanical biological MBT + pyrolysis carbonization" and "molding drying + vertical drying", and explains the processes and characteristics of the three solutions respectively. At the same time, it makes a detailed introduction and data sharing in combination with the annual treatment of 300000 tons of municipal sludge, printing and dyeing sludge and general industrial solid waste projects in Jiangsu Province.

The three system solutions can reasonably and efficiently customize the process according to the sludge properties or business of different sources and some regulatory requirements of the government. Compared with the traditional sludge disposal technology, they have the characteristics of no dioxin generation, high degree of resource reduction and high energy conversion rate. 


Under the condition of the same sludge disposal properties, if the floor area is small and there is no by-product electricity, steam, etc., you can choose "drying + pyrolysis and carbonization + waste heat utilization"; "MBT + pyrolysis and carbonization + waste heat utilization" can be selected if a large disposal site is available and by-product electricity and steam are required, or other organic waste needs to be disposed of systematically; If it is necessary to deal with garden waste, straw and other biomass in a coordinated manner, and the by-product is steam or hot water, and the floor area is small, you can choose "molding drying + vertical gasification + waste heat utilization".

The conference was held around the theme of "how to solve the problem of sludge disposal and boost the green development of the industry under the goal of 'carbon peak and carbon neutralization". More than 200 experts, scholars and enterprise representatives from relevant enterprises, scientific research institutes and management departments in the field of sludge disposal all over the country gathered together to explore the technology and application innovation of industrial sludge and wastewater disposal under the background of double carbon goal.

Under the dual carbon goal, Wanrong technology will continue to practice the national dual carbon strategic idea, promote the practice of technology industrialization with crushing and sorting technology, anaerobic pyrolysis technology and aerobic fermentation technology as the core, and help to continuously improve the quality of ecological environment and realize the goal vision of "carbon peak and carbon neutralization" on schedule!