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LiFePO4 51.2V 100Ah Wall-Mounted Lithium Battery

●Industry leading LCD intelligent monitoring system

●Supporting module parallel connection

●Compatible with more than 25 brands of inverters

●6500+cycles, 10 year warranty

● Accept OEM designs for hardware and software

●Easy to install


The wall-mounted battery is a compact and lightweight home energy storage solution that efficiently converts renewable energy sources such as solar and wind power into electricity for household use. Compared to traditional storage devices, wall-mounted batteries offer advantages such as small size, easy installation, and elegant appearance, making them particularly suitable for small homes. Their stylish design not only blends seamlessly with home decor but also provides a convenient and eco-friendly energy option for households


  • Highly integrated analog front end
  • lsolate the power circuit
  • Integrated serial port 1C
  • High voltage accuracy (≤20mV)
  • High current accuracy (≤2%@FS)
  • 4 Checking Battery Temperature (≤2°C)、
  • SOC estimation function
  • SOH estimation function
  • Short circuit protection
  • Adjustable overcurrent protection
  • Has a variety of sleep and wake up methods
  • Low power consumption
  • Dual RS485 communication
  • Parameters are adjustable
  • Buzzer alarm function
  • LED status indicator function
  • With charge balancing function
  • With a monitor


Battery specifications 3.2V100Ah
Battery module 16S1P
Rated kwh 5.12kwh
Rated voltage 51.2V
Rated capacity 100Ah
Voltage range 40V-58.4V
Charge overcurrent protection 110A
Overall overdischarge protection 40V
Overall overcharge protection 58.4V
Charging low temperature protection 0℃
Charging high temperature protection 60℃
Low temperature discharge protection -25℃
Discharge high temperature protection 65℃
Environmental low temperature protection -25℃
Product size 600mm*440mm*165mm
Weight 48Kg
Product confguration Detailed instruction manual *1, positive and negative pole male and
female plug (130A) kit * 4,1.5 m (16 square) wire *2

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