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Product information of oil sludge pyrolysis line


Equipment overview

It is applicable to the reduction, harmless treatment and resource utilization of various oily sludge, such as oily contaminated waste, landing sludge, refinery sludge, tank bottom sludge, drilling cuttings, ground oil spill and so on. The anaerobic pyrolysis technology is used to indirectly heat the oily sludge. In the anaerobic state, the carbon chain in the oily sludge breaks and decomposes into small molecules of hydrocarbons, carbon, hydrogen and oxygen, and finally generates pyrolysis gas and pyrolysis carbon. The non condensable gas in the pyrolysis gas enters the combustion chamber for combustion and heating after purification, pressure stabilization and other processes, and the condensable gas forms pyrolysis oil. On the premise of safe, environmental protection and stable operation, the oily sludge is finally transformed into pyrolysis oil, pyrolysis carbon and other main products through anaerobic pyrolysis technology and equipment, so as to realize the reduction, harmless treatment and resource utilization of oily sludge.


Process route

Batch pyrolysis process of sludge. 

Oily contaminated waste→feeder→batch pyrolysis system→pyrolysis oil, pyrolysis carbon, pyrolysis gas.


Large size material in sludge→batch pyrolysis system→pyrolysis oil, pyrolysis carbon, pyrolysis gas.


(pyrolysis oil recovery for external sales,pyrolysis carbon meets the standard of resource utilization.Sewage is discharged after treatment to meet the standards,recovery of pyrolysis gas system,flue gas is discharged according to the standard after treatment.)



Core advantage

Reliable and safe operation

PLC/DCS programmable logic control system,prompt, alarm and automatic deviation correction functions;Accurate heat dispersion, constant temperature heating and outer wall temperature within the safe temperature range ensure safe and reliable operation.


Intelligent automation

The whole production line adopts PLC/DCS intelligent control system,which can realize automatic control and leakage adjustment for the control points.It has the functions of data acquisition, operation,alarm, automatic deviation correction, automatic alarm and real time monitoring,so as to truly realize intelligent and safe operation and low staffing demand.   


Six core technologies

Continuous sealing feeding, slag discharging and dynamic sealing technology meet the requirements of large capacity and continuous production;Anti coking and rail control, heat conduction and gas purification technology realize efficient heat transfer, programmed temperature rise and clean utilization.


Wide applicability of materials

The equipment has strong adaptability and inclusiveness to materials,stones in oily sludge, plastic bags, work clothes,impermeable film,gloves,filtration and adsorption media and other oily contaminated waste,after pretreatment,all can enter the pyrolysis system.


Good treatment effect

Pyrolysis is full and complete, maximum recovery of resources,the main product is pyrolysis carbon and pyrolysis oil can be recycled, high resource yield and quality. The mineral oil content of the solid product of oily sludge after pyrolysis treatment is less than 0.3%,the process can be optimized according to local standards to reach specified limits.


Combined process

The process route can be customized reasonably and efficiently according to the sludge properties of different sources or business and some regulatory requirements of the government.


Flexible capacity

Continuous and sequencing batch (semi continuous and batch)pyrolysis system are selected,with diversified production capacity, which can realize arbitrary configuration of different scales and has good flexibility.


Good environmental benefit

The operation of the equipment is not affected by external factors such as weather. No chemical agents are added in the treatment process, and there are no dust and VOCs leakage problem in the whole pyrolysis process and do not produce secondary pollution. 


Good investment income

The investment and operation cost of the equipment is low,the non condensable combustible gas is purified and used as fuel for heating pyrolysis equipment. The flue gas waste heat recycling technology is adopted to save energy and reduce emission. Most of the energy is stored in "pyrolysis oil and pyrolysis carbon", so the operation cost is low; Small land occupation, friendly environment, high output value and good economic benefits.


Technology specification




Input material

Landing sludge, refinery sludge, tank bottom sludge, ground oil spill,drilling cuttings,waste oil base mud,clean tank sludge,oily sludge and other types of oily sludge.

Final output

Pyrolysis oil, pyrolysis carbon, non condensable combustible gas. (system reuse)

Treatment capacity


Production form

Continuous (feeding, discharge,operation) semi continuous, batch type.

Heating form

Indirect heating, adjustable constant temperature heating.

energy supply

Non condensable gas, natural gas.

furnace material

Inner cylinder stainless steel

Working pressure


Pyrolysis temperature



PSC/DCS control mode,automatic intelligent control, less labor, low labor intensity.

Oil rate

0.3%the process can be optimized according to local standards to reach specified limits.

Environmental protection

All emissions are in line with the most stringent local emission index requirements.


The final product market application. 

Final product

market application.

Pyrolysis oil

1.used as raw oil in refineries.

2.directly as fuel oil.

Pyrolysis carbon

Carbon processing raw materials.



Due to the complex types of raw material, the composition is changeable, advised customers to provide industrial analysis of raw materials to determine the final product yield.



Evaluation of technological achievements of anaerobic pyrolysis equipment.

The complete set of anaerobic pyrolysis technology equipment has been identified by China Environmental Protection Industry Association as: the equipment realize continuous feeding,anaerobic pyrolysis, oil and gas condensation recovery, non condensable gas purification combustion heating,continuous cooling and slagging of carbon containing residues. It provides an effective technical approach for the treatment and disposal of organic solid waste. In single machine production capacity, key sealing technology, product applications to reach the domestic advanced level.