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Refrigerator/Fridge Recycling System Introduction


The refrigerator recycling is a new method of handling large household appliances. Due to the global attention to environmental issues, municipalities, businesses, and homeowners are all confronted with the challenge of finding environmentally friendly waste disposal solutions for discarded refrigerators, freezers, and similar large appliances. Choosing the right solution is crucial for achieving the maximum ROI (Return on Investment) for your recycling business. Below, we will introduce the key information you need to know

Pretreatment system

Pretreatment system includes front-end feeding belt conveyor, refrigerator pretreatment drum conveyor line, dismantling workbench, refrigerant recovery system, intelligent compressor drilling and oil filtering device, and negative pressure dust removal and purification system.

  • Automatic compressor punching, robotic arm gripping
  • Intelligence CFC/oil collection


Crushing system

The mainstream combination of crushing system is "Double Shaft Shredder + Vertical Crusher", with a new double shaft shredder blade+three-stage kneading design to improve crushing efficiency. It has the characteristics of high processing efficiency, low power, product high separation rate and high value.

Double shaft shredder

  • Blades with alloy steel overall quenching process, fixed and Knock-down blades for option.
  • Integrated cutters with multi claw blade structure, stable blade body, quick bite, spline connection, and convenient disassembly.
  • The device has an overload protection system.
  • Blade life>200000 units.


Vertical crusher

  • Three stages kneading ensures more uniform particle size and higher peeling degree of the material.
  • Imported SKF bearings ensure a longer service life.
  • The hammer head and roller are both made of high manganese steel and wear-resistant welding process, which can be used on both sides and has a lifetime of over 300000 units.
  •  Convenient maintenance, adopting a door opening cavity design.
  • The equipment adopts a method of high air volume suction from crushing chamber to reduce the concentration of cyclopentane, greatly reducing fire risk.




Multiple Separation System

The system is composed of Magnetic Separator, Eddy Current Separator, Non-ferrous Separator, and  Plastic separation system. It is highly efficient in separation, with complete separation of copper, aluminum, plastic, and foam, effectively reducing transportation costs and increase resource value.

Sorting specifications

Iron sorting rate >99%       

Plastic sorting rate>97%

Non-ferrous metal sorting rate>95%

foam sorting rate>97%



Ventilation System

The Ventilation System adopting a combination process of "pulse injection single bag dust collector+multi-stage activated carbon adsorption", the collection points of waste gas are reasonably set to ensure that the waste gas meets the emission standards. The exhaust gas collection cover at key workstations has good collection effect, ensure the control of unorganized dust in the workshop.

The dust collector has strong dust removal ability and can directly handle high concentration dust containing waste gas. It has the characteristics of online dust removal and continuous operation, and is designed with a maintenance platform, ladder, and guardrail for easy maintenance in the later stage.

Activated carbon has the advantages of stable performance and resistance to high-speed airflow impact. By using it to adsorb organic waste gas and optimizing design, controlling the wind speed inside the activated carbon tower, and other measures, the purification effect is good.


Intelligent Electrical Control  System

The Intelligent Electrical Control  System  is composed of power cabinet, frequency conversion cabinet, control cabinet, the key components are all from top international and domestic brands.

Intelligent feedback control

  • controls the equipment and collects signals in a centralized manner (such as combustible gas, temperature, exhaust gas, dust, noise, equipment current, etc.), and transmits them to the Host Computer in the central control room for real-time monitoring and storage.

Quality assurance

  • Electrical components, wires, and cables shall adopt domestic first-line brands and comply with the mandatory national standard CCC certification requirements.

Video monitoring

  • The central control room is equipped with a large screen display that allows for clear and real-time viewing of on-site operations, and the camera uses ultra-clear pixels.

Automatic adjustment of air volume

  • The output effect of each outlet can be observed in the central control room, and appropriate air volume adjustment can be achieved through automatic or manual remote control of electric valves.

Monitoring and Security System

The monitoring and security system includes video monitoring and its electrical control part,and security system.

  • Multiple sensors and detectors online monitoring
  • Cyclopentane full process monitoring
  • Nitrogen shower for option